21–22 November 2022

Part 1: Research Discourses


In the first part of the workshop we introduce invited speakers – historical game studies scholars from all over Central and Eastern Europe. The major goals of this section are the following:

  1. To introduce topics, methods, and directions of historical game studies (but also its absences or limitations) from different regions of Central and Eastern Europe.
  2. To connect and expand individual research discourses, establish functional networking and set up common goals.
  3. To start an informal collective of game historians based around an online journal and a community webpage.

This part of the workshop will have a hybrid form – it will take place in person in Prague (all invited participants if possible) and online simultaneously. Please see the Venue section for details. All participants must register online.

The papers will be edited and published online.

Preliminary program


9.00-16.00 Presentations on the state of historical game studies in individual countries of Central and Eastern Europe (invited speakers)


1. Key-note lectures

9.00 Eugen Pfister: History in Games

10.00 TBA: History of Games

11.00 Vít Šisler: Historical Games and Education

12.00 Jörg Friedrich: Developing Historical Games

2. Roundtable

14.00 Roundtable debate 1: Theory and Methodology

15.30 Roundtable debate 2: Future of Historical Game Studies in Central and Eastern Europe